Relive reality and guess the #AlternativeFacts with new family-friendly card game ‘Fake News/Real News’

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Can fake people play? Can real people? Are people fake? Is the concept of being fake itself fake? Photo via PR Newswire

As our brain’s ability to continue processing the unbelievable ineptitude of the current Presidential Administration takes an increasing toll on our mental and physical health, a new card game would have us laugh at our own pain for recreational pleasure. “Fake News/Real News” the card game is a “fast-paced, hilarious,” game of “topical fun” in which participants identify real quotes said by campaign and administration members.

This is the kind of game we will, with any luck, show to our grandchildren as an artifact from The Dark Times For Truth, the kind of game to bury in a time capsule of 2017 or use as a perfect example of capitalism’s ability to profit, humorously, off the selfsame trouble it creates. Mirroring the Trump Administration’s inability to separate truth from Fox, Fake News/Real News blurs the line between humorous pastimes and the apparent game of coping with reality.


The creators of Fake News/Real News describe it as, “the first non-partisan game to market that is topical and timely,” which, “celebrates the words and quotes of the 2016 presidential election cycle and current administration.” The words “celebrate” and “nonpartisan” seem strong for a game that would seem to be exclusively poking fun, not commemorating, the inaccurate statements of Trump’s cast of characters, and thus appealing only to liberals – but then, maybe we’re too deep in our own echo chamber.

This isn’t even the first card game to play off Kellyanne Conway’s insta-meme quote “alternative facts”. Within weeks of Conway’s first utterance of the concept back in a February interview, “Alternative Facts: The Game” was born. “Watch out for ‘Trump Cards’,” the game’s site warns. It is currently sold out.

“Whether you politically lean left, lean right, or drive right down the middle, everyone can join in the fun,” reads Real News/Fake News’ Amazon page. The game was announced earlier this month to mark the Trump Administration’s 100th day. It includes 100 quote cards with 300 quotes, 42 character cards (6 sets of 7 caricature cards of Administration members) and 6 fake news cards. It’s $10.91 on Amazon and will be available June 1.

Want to resist Trump without feeding the capitalist machine? Check out our roundup of local ways you can participate in anti-Trump activism this week.

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