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04/28/17 11:54am

Citi Bike dock locations unveiled for Prospect Heights, Crown Heights [DNAinfo]
New Kosciuszko Bridge makes its big debut at opening ceremony [QNS]
8 centenarian Brooklynites celebrate joint birthday bash [Brooklyn Paper]
NYPL has a “digital time-travel service” for historical maps [Hyperallergic]
Artists threaten to sue McDonald’s for using Bushwick murals [Bushwick Daily]
Here’s what LA looks like to a New Yorker who has never been [LAist]
Let these slow subway GIFs ease you through old NYC [Gothamist]
Why the Brooklyn-Queens border is full of dead people [New York Times]
Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Brooklyn Heights tunnels are no more [Brownstoner]
Books Are Magic to open May 1 in Cobble Hill [DNAinfo]

Learn up on your NY STREET GANGS on this website straight out of 2003. gangwebsitelogo

04/26/17 11:49am

Brooklyn’s hip and all but like, when you’ve been in Manhattan for over a century moving sucks especially hard. Photo via Industry City

Despite having seriously curbed our crime, scrubbed our subways, gentrified Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and the Brownstone Belt beyond recognition, created such Instagrammable Kodak moments as Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Coney Island boardwalk, perfected our boho-chic laid-back hair and expensive but broke aesthetic, still the fashion industry doesn’t want to move to Brooklyn! But then, does Brooklyn want the fashion industry to move here?

“Brooklyn may be New York’s hippest borough to live or start a business. It just doesn’t hold that much cachet for the city’s fashion industry,” begins a Bloomberg Politics article on Mayor de Blasio’s agenda to “lure” apparel makers out of Midtown, across the river and into cheaper manufacturing centers in Sunset Park, where there is already a small but growing fashion-making community. The most contentious aspect of de Blasio’s plan is that it would end a 1987 law restricting use of Garment District real estate so manufacturers can afford to remain in the area. (more…)

04/26/17 9:42am
Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.37.03 AM

This is what Red Hook looks like when you’re a drone

Cops are cracking down on Bogart street vendors [Bushwick Daily]
A herd of goats is coming back to Prospect Park next month [Timeout]
Kosciuszko Bridge to have Cuomo-hosted light show Thursday [Daily News]
Fake no parking signs piss off Cobble Hill residents [Daily Eagle]
Here come the poop trains [Gothamist]
Homelessness is increasing, and BK is losing affordable units [Daily Eagle]
Unicorn horn store opening in Park Slope [DNAinfo]
City’s plan for restaurant in park infuriates Greenpointers [DNAinfo]
Meet Commuter Barbie, the ultimate MTA-riding Millennial [Gothamist]

The NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project has mapped historic and cultural sites associated with LGBT history.

04/25/17 1:59pm


Neither time nor the sea nor a lack of funds will shut down Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook if Tone Balzano Johansen, widow of the late great Sunny Balzano, can help it.

Johansen has been fighting hard to keep the old-school Brooklyn holdout in existence since Superstorm Sandy, and now it’s not the waters that are rising against everybody’s favorite former speakeasy, but a monster downpayment. In hopes of raising $65,000 to get a mortgage, Johansen has been raising cash through a series of events she’s been holding at the bar and other locations. (more…)

04/24/17 4:10pm
Photo via Yelp

Photo via Yelp

Standout borough indie ice cream maker Blue Marble Ice Cream and winner of the 2016 Brokelyn Ice Cream Bracket closed their main brick and mortar location back at the end of January, taking the tail end of winter and most of spring to gut renovate their home of eight years. This weekend, Blue Marble will emerge from their waffle cone chrysalis and begin once again serving scoops to the masses.

Blue Marble’s Events Director Sarah Green told us they “probably will be” offering reopening-related discounts. (more…)

04/21/17 4:43pm
Photo via Twitter

Photo via Twitter

Praise be the gods that deliver onto us cheap booze libations, available through low-cost, high-fun stork: Trader Joe’s. The most recent breaking development in affordable alcohol has arrived in the form of $4 four-packs of canned wine, exclusively available at the Union Square Trader Joe’s Wine Shop (138 E 14th St.).  (more…)

04/21/17 12:22pm

Census confirms your millennial stereotypes [Gothamist]
As you watch a man weep on the evening M train to Bushwick [Bushwick Daily]
The subway is currently a mess thanks to power outage [DNAinfo]
A day in the life of a food vendor [New York Times]
Bed Stuy is going from low ridership to bike-share boom [Next City]
The Factory bar & restaurant opens in Ridgewood [Ridgewood Social]
Two explosions rock Sunset Park [Brooklyn Paper]
East Williamsburg’s The Well has duck waffle sandwiches on the menu [Gothamist]
Landlord of Shea Stadium wants to open nightclub instead [DNAinfo]
‘High Maintenance’ makes season two delivery to Bushwick on 4/20 [Bushwick Daily]

This guide to freelancing is pretty dang exhaustive and kind of cathartic without being too tone deaf. Props.

04/19/17 4:37pm
In front of Brooklyn Roasters in Dumbo. Photo by Susan De Vries

In front of Brooklyn Roasters in Dumbo. Photo by Susan De Vries

Is it ethical to leave your dog tied up outside a store? Is it more ethical if you leave your dog not tied up but “parked” in one of those white and pink “Dog Parkers” that popped up seemingly overnight all across gentrified Brooklyn? If you were a dog, would you rather experience the sights and smells that come with sitting your fluffy booty down on the cold pavement, or would you rather experience street life from the inside of a small box that protects you from forces that, to your tiny doggy brain, are likely too existential to fathom?

These are questions that are difficult to answer, mainly because dogs have not yet secured a way to communicate their emotions or questionably existent free thought to humans. Still, though, the startup behind the “Dog Parkers” is holding a doge trial to attempt and provide “honest feedback” about the tiny pupper street prisons. (more…)

04/19/17 2:28pm
Life does not always give you what you want, but sometimes it gives you what you need. And sometimes what you need is a giant red neon sign from a closed fusion restaurant in Chelsea

Life does not always give you what you want, but sometimes it gives you what you need. And sometimes what you need is a giant red neon sign from a closed fusion restaurant in Chelsea

Opening a fusion Spanish/Chinese food restaurant in Chelsea is a far riskier business venture than the act of acquiring said store’s signage after it closes and puts its neon front up for grabs on Craigslist. Now the chance is yours: now closed Chelsea restaurant El Paraiso is giving away its front.

“Do you want it? You can have it,” reads the blunt Craigslist post for the sign.

It is unclear the state of functionality of the sign, and if it still glows, but with a little love it can probably be brought back to light. (more…)

04/19/17 11:28am
Rendering of 66 Ainslie Street via Slate Property Group

Rendering of 66 Ainslie Street via Slate Property Group

Like the American Dream itself, the city of New York continually conjures the vision for broke locals of the carrot on the stick that is affordable housing lotteries: so close you can taste it, yet just out of reach in reality. A new carrot has appeared today on the pending list of lotteries open and soon to open to application, this one in Williamsburg. (more…)