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The Bushwick rap scene has been put on notice

Odds of being on the next Times' hip hop tour? 10,000:1
Odds of being on the next Times’ hip hop tour? 10,000:1

Awesome rap news giveth, awesome rap news taketh away. In what we can only assume is a tryout to be an Urban Outfitters spokesperson/Macklemore opening act, a Bushwick resident going by Lifestream made a video:

OK, so the sunglasses behind sunglasses gag never gets old. The rest of it, well, whatever. When you tell people you live in Bushwick, just point to something like its thriving freight train-hopping scene or actual legitimately cool tiny libraries. And if anyone does ask you about this, just tell them it was filmed in Ridgewood.

[h/t Gothamist]

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