Congratulations O.D.B.: first BK native to become a hologram

Baby I got your electrons, don't you worry
Baby I got your electrons, don’t you worry

Rap is starting a love affair with holograms, as witnessed by Hologram Tupac. America will always have a love affair with the Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and it’s only getting more intense, as witnessed by the upcoming biopic in which Dirt McGirt will be played by none other than Michael K. Williams. Combine the two and it suddenly makes perfect sense that a hologram O.D.B. will be appearing at Rock the Bells this year.

The announcement is an important milestone in Brooklyn’s hologram-related history, because outside of Tupac, holograms have been limited to lame-ass bustas on CNN. But since everything the O.D.B. touches becomes cool, and also full of insanity, we wouldn’t be surprised if this hologram somehow transubstantiated into a real life O.D.B. and once again started reminding us he’s the king of the block.

Sadly, the only two East Coast Rock the Bells shows are in Jersey and DC. But, now that we have the technology for an O.D.B. hologram, it’s time we demand it comes to Brooklyn. Oh, and there’s also gonna be an Eazy-E hologram, but fuck that West Coast noise. East Coast 4 lyfe.

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  1. Other White Person

    I hate to do this to you Dave, but I’m pretty sure Jay-Z’s concerts at the Barclay’s Center used a hologram of Biggie, which makes ODB the SECOND Brooklyn native to be digitally raised from the dead.

  2. dawnatilla

    I sure hope you allow this comment. I have something important to say, whether you agree with me or not or who is wrong or right, is not my point here today…INFORMATION and TRUTH is, however.. TO THE AUTHOR: “Congratulations”? congratulating a man no longer here for the continued marketing of his name?? This hologram bullshit is nothing but a money-making scheme AND a ritual …If you don’t believe me about the RITUAL ASPECTS of the ILLUMINATI ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY… do the research!!(instead of labeling me a conspiracy freak)AUTHOR: “Rap is starting a love affair with holograms” WRONG. The Industry has found another way to A.make money off “their” artists B. make a mockery of death and these artists. THIS HOLOGRAM DECISION/IDEA HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH RAP ITSELF. PERIOD. WE DON’T HAVE RAP ANYMORE. FACE IT. AUTHOR:”Brooklyn’s hologram-related history” does such a thing even exist? this ARTICLE WAS PRETTY DISAPPOINTING, SEEING AS HOW THIS ATTITUDE AND PERCEPTION IS APPARENTLY ACCEPTED.

    Shaking My damn head.

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