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The most Bushwick passage in the most Bushwick story, ever

It only gets better from here. via The Brooklyn Paper
It only gets better from here. via The Brooklyn Paper

Controversy in Bushwick usually sends reporters scurrying over here in search of ridiculous young people to talk to, in the hopes they’ll say something ridiculous. Which, to be fair, almost always happens.Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Reporters have to sell papers get web hits and young people have to be ridiculous. But somehow, the best thing about a story about a giant mural of grotesque naked women on Johnson Avenue offending people isn’t even the giant mural of grotesque naked women.

After an art studio commissioned some artists to paint the outside walls of their studio, local dude Don Pablo Pedro, who’s known for painting grotesque giant naked women, painted grotesque giant naked women on his part of the wall. Which offended someone to the point where they covered up the crotches. While searching for people to talk to about it, the Brooklyn Paper‘s Danielle Furfaro found someone to sum up the entire awesome, ridiculous scene happening here:

“When he was painting it, I told him I’d be surprised if it lasted a week,” said Droid907, who was interviewed while he was sitting in a ditch, waiting to jump a freight train to Baltimore. “It lasted just over a week.”

A name like “Droid907?” Check. Sitting in a ditch? Check. Waiting to jump a freight train? Check. Remember kids: always read the entire news article, or you end up missing things like this.


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