Stare at the humans of New York and 11 other free ideas this week

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“Oh hey, I’m in this. How meta!” via Facebook

1. To not eat meat, or to eat a whole lot of it, the argument continues tonight at Dionysium, Williamsburg’s monthly debate series (Monday)

2. Speaking of eating meat, Nitehawk’s Simpsons Club is showing Treehouse of Horror V, which has the teachers-eat-students vignette, “Nightmare Cafeteria” (Monday)

3. You’ve enjoyed it on the internet, and now you can enjoy Humans of New York in coffee table book form, or you can after the launch party for it at powerHouse (Tuesday)

4. WORD invites you to hang out and hear some scary stories, if you’re tough enough to handle it. Are you, chicken? (Tuesday)

5. Think you last taxi ride was weird? Well let Maria Len tell you all about how she gives people rides around New York in a rowboat (Wednesday)

6. The Secret Science Club invites you to learn all about the miracle hormone that tells your brain to stop eating, because you’ve had enough. Thanks, leptin! (Wednesday)

7. The brains behind Kings County Distillery wrote a book about how to get into urban moonshining, so why not soak up their knowledge and try it yourself. What, you afraid of Rex Banner? (Wednesday)

8. Now that 3rd Ward has blown up, Brooklyn’s DIY community is sitting down to figure out what comes next. But they’re doing it at Brooklyn Brewery, so the planning should be fun (Wednesday)

9. Turns out Sandy did damage to more places than just the Northeast. Check out what it unleashed on Cuba at a screening of the documentary Cambio Total (Thursday)

10. It’s time once again for HallowMEME, the party where the internet jokes come off of the screen and onto the street, and Klout-addled nerds find love (Thursday)

11. Do free whiskey tastings ever get old? Nope, so check out this one, especially since the whiskeys on display have been labeled ‘unusual’ (Friday)

12. Laugh at the specter of death at the Pumpkings of Comedy, this month’s DanDilLions standup show (Friday)

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