Who screens ‘Simpsons’ every Monday night? Nitehawk, Nitehawk

We imagine this is what it's gonna be like
We imagine this is what it’s gonna be like

The Simpsons and beer go together like, well, Duffman and “Oh yeah!” But aside from Simpsons Trivia at Berry Park, your only option for enjoying the two together was hanging out on your couch. But now Nitehawk has come to the rescue of stir crazy Simpsons fans by starting their Monday night Simpsons Club, featuring episodes playing in the cafe. And it’s all for FREE.

Even better, the club is starting from the beginning and going through ever year of the show, in order. Each Monday starting at 10pm, the club will show five episodes, plus Tracey Ullman shorts, commercials that aired when the episodes ran plus any other ephemera the club can dig up each week. This week it’s going to be the Butterfinger commercials that convinced a generation of kids to sacrifice their teeth to peanut butter-flavored melted sugar. And again, it’s free, so all you have to do is stroll in and order a drink. Try not to get your scarf caught in a fan when you walk in. And that’s the end of that chapter.

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