Reach (strobe) enlightenment with free house yoga this week

Namaste fresh, y’all. via Verboten

Inner peace is important to us, especially when we’re clubbing like the rapture’s in half an hour. We want to fist pump ourselves into a complete frenzy, but we also want to make sure we’re the purest, most balanced beings this side of the Ganges. The EDMeditators at Verboten have been championing strobe enlightenment for a year now, and they told us to celebrate their first birthday they’re offering free Willkommen Deep House yoga classes today and tomorrow, where you can peacefully get downward dog with live DJs. If death metal yoga wasn’t quite the right fit for you, we think you’re in luck.¬†

Williamsburg seems to be on the cutting edge of “wellness clubbing,” especially with its early morning rave scene, so you might as well get on board with Willkommen. They’ll have free snacks from Divine Chocolates to keep you energized and centered, along with smoothies, water, coconut water, and a full bar.

Classes both today and Tuesday are at 7:00pm and 8:30pm, and you can reserve tickets on their site with the code VERBOTEN001. While some of the classes’ free spots are full, tonight’s 8:30 class still has space for you bass-driven free spirits. Lululemon mats will be provided for you to stretch and meditate on while house music guides your way.¬†After a lifetime of losing our friends, cell phones, and self respect in clubs, we’re excited by the prospect of finding ourselves for once.

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