Sober, early Morning Gloryville raves come to Williamsburg

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Who could be sober and be this happy? via Facebook

We will freely admit that we are not the kind of people who want to get up and dance first thing in the morning. Hell, some of us never really want to dance at all. And being sober, well, we wouldn’t exactly call ourselves advocates. But maybe you are, so maybe you’ll be excited to hear that Morning Gloryville, sober early dance parties started in London, are being imported to Williamsburg. 

The first morning rave of the year will kick off tomorrow, May 7, at 6:30 in the goddamn morning at clothing store/performance space Kinfolk 94 (94 Wythe Avenue). In order to bolster their message of sobriety and dancing just to feel it and generally being healthy, your $20 admission will get you access to free massages, a juice bar (with superfood juice) and a coffee station, and someone called a “Wake Up Angel” who will apparently dip your head in a bucket of ice water if you ask. Not that you can’t do that one at home on your own. You also get a four-hour dance party with other crazy people who both can wake up and move that early and also don’t need drugs or alcohol to enjoy themselves. Wonder what that’s like.

Pulse Radio interviewed a Morning Gloryville booker ahead of the show if you want to get a glimpse of the vibe that’s gonna be on display tomorrow and at future morning raves. Basically, relentless positivity that the grumpier among you would probably call cult-like and the less grumpy would probably appreciate at 7am on a weekday. Of course if you do go and then you go to work right after, we will respect you very much if you wear your neon to your law firm job and just act like everything is totally normal.

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    Yuppies go home back to iowa and dakotas, screwing out rents up and changing normality in brooklyn GO BACK home to Kansas and Missouri

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