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See BK’s best comics for 17 cents per performer at the Macaulay Culkin Show Summer Comedy Fest

If this is the kind of thing that happens at a normal Macauly Culkin Show, imagine what will happem at their big festival
If this is what happens at a normal Macaulay Culkin Show, imagine what will happem at their big festival.

Last year, we were privilged to be able to see 19 of Brooklyn’s best comedians jump on stage for five minutes at a time at the world’s first Macaulay Culkin Show Summer Comedy Fest. Of course, that was last year, and everyone knows that the summer is made for sequels. Lucky for us then that yet another Avengers-like lineup of Brooklyn comedians is converging on Shea Stadium this weekend for the Macaulay Culkin Show Summer Comedy Fest 2, another star-studded comedy Event. With any luck it’ll avoid Age of Ultron‘s missteps, particularly the way they handle the use of Black Widow.

Okay you got us, Scarlett Johansson won’t be there (at least on stage; you never know who’s gonna show up at Shea Stadium). However, the list of fantastic comics you can see for just $5 will make other comedy bookers so mad they’ll start sweating from anger. People like Sasheer Zamata, Joe Perra, Anna Drezen, Jo Firestone, Lorelei Ramirez and comedy teams like Good Cop Great Cop and Nancy (made up of two of the three Triplets of Kings County). Like last year’s show, we’re sure this one will be a comedy marathon, so train yourself to stand for long periods of time, drink beer and laugh all in a relatively small space.

We counted up the roster and you’re getting 23 acts (plus your two hosts) for the same price that you got 19 last year. Hell, if you make the count more about the number of performers you see, that’s 29 performers for just $5, which breaks down to just 17 cents a piece. Not to get all and reduce each comedian or comedy team to nothing but dollars and cents, but 17 cents per entertainment unit is the kind of thing you expect out of the Fantastic Four reboot, not something with this kind of pedigree.

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