Check out haunted apartment web series ‘The Triplets of Kings County’

triplets of kings county
They’re identical triplets, just 18 years old

It’s a rite of passage for so many people: you move to the Big City with hopes and dreams (and a sweet job in the Office of the Bronx Borough President), only to have the hard world destroy your dreams. In the case of the eponymous triplets of new web series The Triplets of Kings County, you move to the city after your dead parents die in a Grease fire, only to wind up in a haunted apartment. Oh, and your landlord is Punderdome 3000’s Jo Firestone.

Well, a landlord that’s played by Jo Firestone anyway. The Triplets of Kings County is a new web series from the minds of Michael Wolf, Terence O’Brien and Colin O’Brien (who are brothers, but not twins). It involves the adventures of three identical, 18-year old triplets who move to Williamsburg from their small Midwestern town.

Their troubles come not from people yelling at them and calling them transplants, but from all sorts of weird haunted visitors in their lives, like a boring ghost, an enormous spider who’s a jerk, a vengeful Wiccan and even The Devil himself. The utter straight-faced weirdness, like the insistence that the three adults who clearly don’t like alike are 18-year-old triplets, is a nice thing to find in place of jokes about artisan cocktails and cringe-inducing sex, so check out two more episodes and see the whole thing here.

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