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All-star lineup of NINETEEN comedians for five bucks Sunday

the macauly culkin show
Look at how much fun they’re having, and you can’t even hear the jokes! via Facebook

One problem with living in a comedy wonderland like Brooklyn is that sometimes you need to make a hard choice on which comedy show you’re going to go to on any given night. Sometimes you just want to say “Come on, comedians of Brooklyn, make it easier for us and just get together in one place in a huge cheap festival of laughs for one night.” No need to say it though, because the folks behind Shea Stadium’s Macaulay Culkin Show* have put together a night of comedy with NINETEEN of Brooklyn’s best comics and sketch groups this weekend and it costs just five bucks.

What insane miracle is this? It’s no miracle, it’s the Macaulay Culkin Show Summer Comedy Fest. Show hosts Brett Davis and Sally Burtnick have gone above and beyond their usual awesome cheap comedy show prowess and have gotten the likes of Jon Glaser, Emmy Blotnick, Jo Firestone, Dave Hill, Anna Drezen, Murderfist and somehow even more comics to get together on one bill for one night only in tiny, intimate Shea Stadium (20 Meadow Street) on Sunday night at 8pm.

We mean, what else are you doing on Sunday night? Dreading the idea that the whole horrible grind of the week is gonna start up again and maybe this is the week that you don’t make it out alive? Obviously we’re all gonna do that, but if there was ever a time to push that worrying back a few hours, it’s this Sunday, where you can at least pack a year’s worth of laughs into just one night for just five dollars.

*The actual Macaulay Culkin has not endorsed and will not be appearing at the show

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