Learn to love again at the last Robyn dance party of 2013

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Not that you need to get hypnotized to want to go to this. via Facebook

Didn’t get your Robyn costume together for Halloween? You have a second chance at This Party Is Killing You: A Night Of All Robyn Everything on November 2 at Glasslands Gallery (289 Kent Avenue) for a cool $5. It’s billed as the last Robyn party of 2013, in case you were expecting A Very Robyn Christmas featuring a mash-up of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” with “Stars 4-Ever.”You might remember the DJs, the members of Silent Drape Runners, from previous Robyn parties. They play a mix of pop and “electronic jams” along with all of the Robyn goodness–remixed for optimal spastic dancing. We know, the last one was supposed to be the last one of 2013, but are you gonna look a gift Robyn dance party in the mouth?

So put on your platform sneakers, get that bowl cut you’ve always wanted, and party like a Swede next month!

Follow Rachel for updates on which patterned leggings she’ll be sporting on the dance floor: @rachelevestein.

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