Miss that Robyn dance party? Here’s your second chance!

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You should RSVP for the next Robyn party. Not that we’re telling you what to do.

Things we learned about Brokelyn readers last week: You love free vibrators, and you certainly freaking love Robyn. We heard the big free Robyn dance party at Public Assembly on Saturday was a bit of a hard-to-get-into shit show (but a big enough deal that the Wall Street Journal was there too). Even Brokelyn’s No. 1 Robyn super fan Rachel texted “I have been waiting for an hour to get into this Robyn event. I did this to myself.” Well the idea was so good, it’s happening again already! Silent Drape Runners are throwing Robyn dance party No. 2 on Sept. 22, this time at bigger The Bell House. It’s still free, but this is your last chance to catch it!

The organizers are asking for RSVPs this time, which may help cut down on the line. RSVP here.

Silent Drape Runners tell us  it’s “our last caper for these, basically, at least for a minute. this one is REALLY just to make sure people who supported the first and stood outside can get in, hence the move to a bigger space, etc.”

They said that while more SDR parties will be planned soon, the Robyn parties will be put to bed for awhile.

Was it all really that fun, you ask? Check out this vid of this steamy vid from Animal of the first party, and the answer appears to be “Ja” (that’s “yes” in Swedish).

UPDATE: SDR just told us they’re now taking over both rooms of the Bell House that night (front and back)!

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    • Dude I thought I was the only one who has no idea wtf the “Robyn party” frenzy is all about. Lets do something non Robyn themed that night. Which should be easy since I have no idea what a Robyn theme involves.

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