Happy birthday, Freddy’s! And 13 other free happenings this week

freddy's bar brooklyn
Freddy’s Bar: Three years of not giving up! Photo by Deena Atkinson

1. Get your Brewskee-Ball season rolling with some free skee-ball and beer action at the Full Circle Bar (Monday)

2. You’ve still got some time to run over to Videology’s all-day Phillip Seymour Hoffman tribute (Monday)

3. Freestyle Mondays is back and is pitting 16 MCs against each other in rap battles, the subjects of which are determined by a spinning wheel. Sounds more fun that a Price is Right rerun (Monday)

4. Bill Nye is debating fundamentalist weirdo Ken “Virginia” Ham in an evolution vs. creationism showdown, and South 4th Bar is gonna be streaming the whole thing live (Tuesday)

5. Freddy’s Bar is celebrating three years in their new spot, so come throw back a pint, listen to some music and tell the Barclays Center to go fuck itself (Tuesday)

6. The People’s Republic of Brooklyn is giving comedy to the people with their free show, Manifesto. So check it out, and don’t be a counter-revolutionary (Tuesday)

7. Learn about how David Lynch uses transcendental meditation to aid his creative process, and then pretend to be into it, at a screening of Meditation, Creativity, Peace at the Body Actualized Center (Tuesday)

8. The Transit Museum is hosting the MTA’s Manager of Ridership and Revenue Analysis, so you can ask him where all that money you’re spending on the subway is going (Wednesday)

9. Hear from writers who’ve actually gone to war and came home to write about it at WORD, as they talk about writing and their struggles with PTSD (Wednesday)

10. Get an old-timey photobooth picture taken of you and your special lady, or just solo, at Trunk in DUMBO (Thursday)

11. Everyone’s got Beatlemania this week, and Hank’s Saloon is no exception. They’ll be hosting all-female Japanese Beatles cover band The Clover (Thursday)

12. Freddy’s also has Beatles fever, and they’ll be hosting their own tribute to the Fab 4. Bring your own screaming teenage girls. Actually don’t, they’re not allowed in bars (Friday)

13. Videology’s First Frightdays will show you the Bronx at a screening of Bronx Warriors (Friday)

14. It’s Armchair/Shotgun’s fifth birthday and they’re partying at Greenlight. Even if you don’t read the magazine, you should stop by anyway, because there’ll be snacks (Friday)

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