Videology paying tribute to Phillip Seymour Hoffman with a marathon today

phillip seymour hoffman
Not a Phillip Seymour Hoffman movie exactly, but still a role we liked.

When an actor dies unexpectedly, there are two ways you can react. You can make tasteless jokes about it, or you can pay respects to their work by doing an all-day binge of your favorite movies featuring said actor. Both reactions are perfectly fine, in our book. In the case of the recently departed Phillip Seymour Hoffman though, it make sense that Videology is going with the second one, and showing their favorite movies featuring America’s favorite character actor all day. For free!

If you’ve got a snow day, or just don’t have to work today, you can head to Videology (308 Bedford Avenue) right now, where the video shop/bar is screening Magnolia at the moment, according to a clerk we talked to. She told us that they’re open to suggestion at the moment, and that the movies will be going on all day until about 7pm, so get there now if you want to suggest Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead as opposed to Patch Adams.

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