Get your garage rock fix for just five bucks Wednesdays at The Good Room

garage land
Just what you need on a Wednesday. Photo by Coley Gold SF, via Facebook

In the past few months, the music scene in Brooklyn has been taking some hits. Lots of hits. A weird amounts of hits. The lovely people at The Good Room, however, have decided to take a stand for local acts by starting Garage Land, a weekly series that highlights rock and roll, grunge, psyche, garage, and punk from here and abroad, as well as featuring rotating DJ acts. That in and of itself is good news, but even better is that it’s just going to run you five damn dollars every week to rock out. That leaves plenty of money for drunken singalongs!

The concert series is set to go on every Wednesday, and for their first night they’re going to be featuring The Mystery Lights (who definitely have the right vibe for a place called Garage Land), with a DJ set by Honey and from DJ Tommy Jones. The Mystery Lights will be going on in the Good Room, with the DJs playing in the Bad Room, which, I guess, is a good thing?

The doors open at 9:30 tonight, and again for just $5 at the door. Considering the places where you can find decent shows with local bands in Brooklyn are slowly fading away, so it’s nice to see a cheap cover and some awesome bands. In addition to already being cheap, you can get an even better deal off of Garage Land by liking them on Facebook and being entered in to win a limited edition cassette for The Mystery Lights. You do still have that walkman sitting around, right?

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