Glasslands is closing after New Year’s Eve

glasslands gallery
Vaya con dios, Glasslands. via Facebook

As venue after venue closed around Williamsburg, the common refrain became “Huh, Glasslands is still there.” Well, that refrain is now over, because they posted a message to their website today announcing that their last show will be on New Year’s Eve this year. According to the prophecy, it’s going to become “condos that you can’t even look at if you don’t make 6 figures per year.” Which is actually a pretty accurate guess, we think.

In their goodbye message, Glasslands shouted out their fallen compatriots like 285 Kent, Death by Audio, Pyramids and Secret Project Robot, and encouraged people to keep coming out to shows until their last day. You should do that, and we also encourage people to just line up outside whatever Glasslands becomes, whether it’s swallowed by Vice or becomes condos in a passive-aggressive silent protest.

After New Year’s Eve, the reasons for anyone who’s not an investment banker or a disgraced former president to go to Williamsburg for anything will be limited to Simpsons Club, a handful of bars, Best Pizza and we guess that’s about it. Oh well.

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