Spike Hill is closing now too, because why not?

spike hill
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Hey, you done being sad about Death By Audio and Glasslands closing? Oh and 285 Kent too? Cool, because now it’s time to talk about all the great times you had at Spike Hill and how you’re gonna miss it, because whoops, Gothamist got word that Spike Hill is closing too. Guess the only reasons left to go to Williamsburg are Rosemary’s and the hopes of being cast in the Daredevil Netflix show

If you’ve enjoyed Spike Hill, and why wouldn’t you, it had mostly free music and free comedy, the bar/venue will only be open for a couple more weeks. An employee who talked to Gothamist was cagey about the details but told them that early December was probably the most likely time the venue would exit Bedford Avenue. Spike Hill didn’t have the cachet that DBA and Glasslands had, but like we said, it was reliable for cool free shows, especially its comedy, and the venue was also chock full of free during Northside.

The other thing Gothamist’s source told the site was that the building was under contract for “a lot of money,” so at least we know that Spike Hill is going out the same way that the rest of  the things we love in Williamsburg are going out: under a dump truck of hundred dollar bills.

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