Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Get a glimpse of the future at the Silent Barn’s 100% Robot Party

robot party
Horrible robot baby sitters will even take care of our children one day.

Since an early age, you probably couldn’t imagine the future without robots thanks to the robots that proliferate in pop culture and blockbuster movies, from Battlestar Galactica to Terminator to The Matrix. Now that we’re nearing the future, there’s more and more robots around us, taking control of us. You may have become part robot yourself, with your iPhone in one hand and tablet in the other, Google Glass on your face, your mind in the Cloud, and even the hand used to mix your drink will soon be robot hand… To prevent your electronic body part extensions from running out of juice, meet others of your kind at the 100% Robot Party at Silent Barn, (603 Bushwick Ave), tomorrow night.

After the hit 100% Dino Party reminded you of how awesome dinosaurs are entertaining you with everything about dinosaurs – from bullshit history about dinosaurs to dino erotica – organizer and all around badass Theresa Buchheister is bringing you a sequel, as summer blockbusters always are. This time it’s a 100% Robot Party: The Robot Party to End All Robot Parties. Our favorite cast of characters and entertainers are back to tell you everything there is to know about robots for just $10. Pepper Laramie will be reading Robot Erotica (robotica), Brokelyn pal Jo Firestone will host Bullshit History: Robot Edition, The theatre group Title:Point will give a special Robocop performance. Expect lots more art, readings, performances, and multimedia extravaganzas on robots.

Dress up as a robot, enter to win the 100% Robot Party the costume contest, create your robot helmet at the Robot Head Making Station, order a few drinks from the Robot Bartender “Robotender,” and unleash your inner robot. You won’t want to be on your phone during this show, you robot.

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