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Robot bartenders coming for your sexy bartenders, jobs

But how are his picklebacks? via Kickstarter
But how are the picklebacks? via Kickstarter

Another day, another job stolen by robots: after taking away our restaurant jobsblogging gigs and the cast of Girls,  it appears the little machine monsters are coming for our bartenders, too. There’s a new cocktail-making robot floating around, and the company behind it has started a Kickstarter campaign so everyone can have one in their own home, one day rendering those silly communal “bars” useless. Can we just disappear into the Matrix already?

The bartendbot, called Bartendro, is apparently a bit of a mixology whiz, according to inventors Party Robotics. He can make a drink in 10 seconds and up to 200 a night, putting your local go-to dive to shame. Bartendro also provides drink recipes along with the quantities of ingredients used, though maybe you don’t want to know how many shots are in that whiskey soda you’re drinking.

Of course, all this robotic drink-making doesn’t come cheap: a $249 Kickstarter pledge will only get you a single shot-pouring ShotBot, while a full-sized, seven-ingredient Bartendro will run you $899. We suspect these high prices will keep your barback gig safe for now, but don’t get too comfortable: someday our robot overlords might be keeping us all sedated with Mai Tais.

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