A Blues Explosion and 9 other ways to blow the weekend

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion hits the Bell House Sunday
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion hits the Bell House Sunday

1. Check out Brooklyn Launchpad’s collection of animation from diverse sources: people who are alive and people who are dead (Friday)

2. Venom is usually deadly, or makes you mildly uncomfortable, but this is just a dance party. So actually, it could do that second one still (Friday)

3. As another animation option, you can check out Heavy Metal at Videology and pretend it’s not erotic at all, because it’s a cartoon for God’s sake (Friday)

4. Book Court’s awesome Sandy benefit with Jonathan Ames, Emma Straub and so many more writers goes on all day, so pop in and catch a reading (Saturday)

5. Head to tattoo shop Gristle, not for a tattoo, but to adopt a cat or kitten. Maybe some will have tattoos, we don’t know (Saturday)

6. It’s the second Saturday of the month, so that means it’s time to patronize local vendors in a giant warehouse, at the Gowanus Nite Market (Saturday)

7. According to the Chinese zodiac, Hey Queen won’t be able to have another Year of the Faggot party for another 12 years, so be sure to check this one out (Saturday)

8. Ride the subway, sans pantalones. Just remember to wear underwear (Sunday)

9. The first of two ways to help indie radio station WFMU is by checking out their record fair at the Bell House, where someone is bound to have that “Music of Miami Vice” vinyl you’ve been searching for (Sunday)

10. Or head there a bit later and duck and cover when the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is unleashed (Sunday)

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