Next stop, nudity: No Pants Subway Ride is this Sunday

Ho hum, another boring-ass commute. via Flickr user Ennuipoet
Ho hum, another boring-ass commute. via Flickr user Ennuipoet

Things you can see on the subway every day include kids selling candy, people clipping their toenails, people listening to music WAY too loud on headphones and dead-eyed commuters just wishing the day would end. Things you can only see one day a year on the subway: a thousand people riding the subway in their underwear. So be sure you’re aware of the fact that this Sunday, that’s exactly what you’re going to see, when Improv Everywhere’s No Pants Subway Ride returns to the city.

For those unfamiliar with it, the No Pants Subway Ride involves gathering up with a bunch of strangers, removing your pants, and riding the subway. The winner gets a brand new pair of Levi’s. Kidding. There’s no winner, except for whoever ends up in a car with someone they find really really attractive.

Oh but don’t think you can spend the whole ride hitting on some PYT in the Elmo underoos: one of the rules of the ride is that participants act like they don’t know each other, so even if you are the type to hit on people on the subway, bring a book or some headphones for this ride.

Befitting a stunt that’s gotten larger every year, there are six meeting spots for pantsless straphangers to congregate at before ditching their duds. There are two in Brooklyn: at the Old Stone House in Park Slope and Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick. Riders will be assembling at 3pm to be broken up into smaller groups for riding, before everyone on the ride meets up at Union Square, where the sight of a thousand people in their underwear isn’t actually so strange.


  1. Cribbster

    An equally large group of longshoremen in pants and thick coveralls should show up to send anyone who participates in this horsecrap to the nearest hospital.

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