Dive into summer refreshment and 12 other free ideas

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Ever city pool, McCarren Park’s included, is open for splashing Thursday. Photo by Paul Ker

1. The East River Park film series kicks off with a free screening of Despicable Me. Shockingly no, it’s not an autobiography of your life up until now (Monday)

2. Real-life successful theater human Nessa Norich will be at Launchpad Monday and Tuesday to dole out advice on making it in the theater world. A tip you’ll only get here? Always be armed (Monday and Tuesday)

3. Learn which flowers will help you attract the birds and the bees at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Really, you want to attract bees? (Tuesday)

4. A party for a book that collects the best articles from a zine billing itself a “A Baseball Magazine for People Who Hate Baseball Magazines.” Someone has died and gone to Heaven and it’s the person writing this sentence (Tuesday)

5. It’s time to head to BK Eats to meet the people who make Brooklyn eat (Wednesday)

6. Take a tour of the Brooklyn Bridge, and then buy a piece of it from a fast-talking man wearing a straw hat (Wednesday)

7. Brooklyn Bridge Park’s pop-up pool is open for wetness! So, for that matter, is every other pool in Brooklyn. Here’s a handy guide to them (Thursday)

8. Cookbook author Janet Fletcher will be at the The Diamond to tell you all about how to pair cheese and beer, so you can quit being a savage who pairs brie with Colt 45. Brie goes with Hurricane, geez. Don’t forget your beer book! (Thursday)

9. Laura Miller and Ruth Franklin drop in to powerHouse to talk about the lottery. Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery! (Thursday)

10. See Jayne Mansfield interact with rock and roll legends like Little Richard and Fats Domino in The Girl Can’t Help It (Thursday)

11. Drink with the dead at Green-Wood Cemetery. They’re not much for conversation though (Thursday)

12. Ladysmith Black Mambazzo! A great thing to yell when you’re surprised, and also the performers for today’s Celebrate Brooklyn show at Prospect Park (Friday)

13. Head On will pit Miami Vice-era 80s music against 901210-era 90s music in a battle that’s bound to leave hundreds dead. Or sweaty and exhausted from dancing, we have a hard tim distinguishing the two (Friday)

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