Drink among the dead at Green-Wood Cemetery

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Here lies your sobriety, felled by a bunch of beers. via Facebook

Drinking beers on a nice summer day is wonderful. But do you ever want to make it…spookier? We do sometimes, and fortunately, the folks at Green-Wood Cemetery have read our minds, because their new event, Drinks to Die For will let you drink in the graveyard. Finally, your chance to drunkenly, angrily tell off Boss Tweed. Or his headstone anyway.

We got an email cluing us in to the awesome new drinking opportunity, that goes down on he fourth Thursday of every month between now and August. Starting next Thursday, June 27, Green-Wood will be teaming up with the Brooklyn Historical Society to move their beer garden events from their building in Brooklyn Heights to the meadow at Green-Wood.  At each free happy hour, you can buy $5 Brooklyn Brewery beers from 6pm to 8pm, and then what the hell, wander over to Greenwood Park and keep the party going. Just try not to dance on the graves there too hard, wouldn’t want to end up haunted now, would you?

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