Dance for the pro-Blondie faction tonight at the Bell House

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Blondie in a rout, are you freaking kidding us? via Facebook

1. Or see some movies inside, and console yourself after the awful Matt Harvey UCL tear news, by sitting down for a baseball movie doubleheader at Huckleberry Bar, consisting of the Bad News Bears and The Sandlot (Monday)

2. Little Fugitive gets a rain date makeup down in Coney Island, so if you were busy when it was supposed to be shown, you can see the delightful story of a child who thought he committed a murder (Tuesday)

3. In other baseball-like news, watch the mayoral candidates flail around trying to play stickball at Borough Hall (Tuesday)

4. Check out some stories about domestic suspense at BookCourt, which is a genre about murderous wives and deranged husbands, not noir stories about who didn’t put the toilet seat down (Tuesday)

5. Red Hook Flicks closes out the season with Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, which is both a funny movie and excellent legal advice if you don’t want to incriminate yourself (Tuesday)

6. Mental Marginalia celebrates two years of poetry readings at The West with more poetry. Duh. But also an as-yet-unnamed audience participation element. Ooooh, mystery! (Tuesday)

7. Hey look, free bike tune-ups at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, in case you left your bike out in the rain recently (Wednesday)

8. Turns out August 29 is Judgement Day according to Terminator 2, so watch author Dolan Morgan invite some author friends to show up and savage his book. We don’t quite get it either, but that’s OK, sounds funny (Thursday)

9. Comedians come to Videology to do some standup, and then they sit down and talk about their favorite under-appreciated movies, so put on your pretentious hat so that you can claim to like an even more under-appreciated one (Thursday)

10. See whichever movie wins the audience choice for the year’s final movie of the Brooklyn Bridge Park film series. We hope it’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, go vote for that (Thursday)

11. The folks are Mellow Pages are sad summer is ending, just like we are, so they’re showcasing readings from six sad boys. Bring your tissues (Friday)

12. HeadOn is back, this time putting Blondie up against Fleetwood Mac. Uh…we’re gonna come down firmly on the side of Blondie on this one, and will punch anyone who disagrees. Sorry, this Matt Harvey news is still really screwing with our mood (Friday)

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  1. The Coney Island Flicks on The Beach site says this LITTLE FUGITIVE screening is TOMORROW Aug 27th. Which is it tonight (26th) or tomorrow (27th)? Where are you getting your info from?

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