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Oh Brooklyn Bridge Park movies, how we’ll miss you when you’re gone. There’s nothing quite like laying out on the grass watching a movie on a giant screen and also pointing out the people flagrantly violating the “No Smoking” laws when it comes to public parks. Sadly, just like the summer itself, the movie series is coming to an end, but the park is letting you choose just how it ends: in a haze of drugs and vomit, a haze of feeeelings or even a haze of sharks flying through the air because a screenwriter was bored and/or drunk.

Yes voting for the final Brooklyn Bridge Park movie is here, and your choices are 8 MileFear and Loathing in Las VegasGood Will HuntingLost in TranslationRoman Holiday and Sharknado. Yep, being a sponsor and everything, SyFy was able to get what was probably the blockbuster event of the summer into the running at the last second.
The voting itself is pretty simple. Just go to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Facebook page, “Like” them (as if you don’t anyway) and then make your pick. Voting will last until Wednesday, August 28 at 10am, when the winner will be announced and the losers pelted with eggs and laughed at. Then, as per usual, Thursday August 29 at sundown, the winning movie will be shown to its adoring fans.
Now, as you can see, we’re using the full weight of our endorsement process to urge you to vote for Fear and Loathing. For starters, because like any writers, all of us secretly want to be Hunter S. Thompson. And while Las Vegas wasn’t his best book (hello, Campaign Trail ’72), it’s still funny, and it’s always good to see a movie where the message is “Drugs are weird but probably won’t kill you.” We expect Sharknado to pull it out in the end though because democracy just doesn’t work.

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