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More summer movies: Coney Island’s ‘Flicks on the Beach’

Good place to see the Hulk do his Hulk thing. via NYC EDC
Good place to see the Hulk do his Hulk thing. via NYC EDC

Into all the summer movies but wish you could go jump in the ocean after watching one? Well, that’s a mighty specific request, but lucky for you, with Coney Island’s Flicks on the Beach, you can do just that. What’s playing this year? The Avengers for one, and after that, what really matters?

The movies will screen every Monday in July and August starting around dusk, right off of West 10th Street, and will no doubt be the perfect cap to a day spent playing hooky from work. Not that any of you would do that.

The whole thing kicks off with a screening of Little Fugitive, which, as we’ve previously noted, is a trip back to old-school Coney Island before people even used phrases like “old school.” From there, the movies ping pong between family fare with Wreck it Ralph, action with The Hunger Games and The Avengers and charity cases with Men in Black III.

July 1: Little Fugitive, 60th Anniversary
July 8: Bending Steel, in partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival
July 15: The Hunger Games
July 22: Wreck it Ralph
July 29: Men in Black III
August 5: The Avengers
August 12: Fame
August 19: To Be Announced!
August 27Little Fugitive, 60th Anniversary, rescheduled due to rain


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