OK, so now there’s a artisanal mayonnaise shop in Brooklyn

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That's a lot of mayo.

Have you ever looked at that boring ol’ jar of Hellman’s and thought it was just too cheap to possibly be any good? Far be it for Brooklyn to leave no stone un-twee-ified: An artisinal mayonnaise shop called Empire Mayonnaise opened this past weekend at 564 Vanderbilt Ave. in Prospect Heights, The Brooklyn Ink reports. Flavors include Smoked Paprika, Walnut, Lime Pickle, Safron, Vadouvan, and, of course, Bacon. It’ll cost you $6 for a 4-oz. jar of egg yolks and vinegar, if that’s your sort of thing. Though I’ll be honest: ever since this scene in Undercover Brother (skip to 2:25), the thought of eating mayonnaise makes me gag more than a little.

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