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You can meet your princi-PAL Mr. Belding at the Cyclones’ ‘Saved by the Bell’ night

Don't test him, you still might not be too old for detention
Don’t test him, you still might not be too old for detention

Sitcom nostalgia! It’s so hot right now, from writing spec scripts for Fuller House to our national pastime honoring Saved by the Bell later this summer. That last one might be of particular interest to you 90s kids out there, and if attractions like a friendship bracelet station, an I’m So Excited fan cam and garish purple jerseys weren’t enough to whet your appetite for Saved by the Bell, now the Cyclones have dropped the news that you can meet Dennis Haskins, Mr. Belding himself, at the game.

Haskins will be wandering around during the game on June 24 to take pictures and sign autographs and step in to say “Hey, hey, hey, what is going on here?” if someone he thinks looks too young is buying beer, but that’s not the only way you can meet the Bayside High principal. There’s also a $30 “Detention with Mr. Belding” ticket package, you get a field box ticket, a voucher for a post-game drink in the ballpark bar, a “Brooklyn goes Bayside” t-shirt and most importantly, a chance to hang out with Mr. Belding in a special meet-and-greet after the game.

It wouldn’t be a Saved by the Bell night without at least cast member showing up, and to take the heat off of the umpires that night, the Cyclones have wisely brought in an authority figure. Well, a hapless authority figure, but a man who still had the power to give you detention nonetheless.

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