Bingo ‘B4’ all else: here’s a Brokelyn bingo round-up

Time for some Bayou Bingo fun via. Instagram
Time for some Bayou Bingo fun. via Instagram

Ahh, bar bingo. It’s not just your granny’s game anymore. These days, bingo is just a great way to gamble, drink beer, and swear a lot when the person next to you screams out their win as if an alien is erupting from their chest cavity.

Bar bingo took Brooklyn by storm around ’08, but has sadly died down with new fads like bar trivia and the never-ending comeback of karaoke. And while many local spots like Union Hall and Bell House do host bingo-related events once in awhile, demonic websites like Yelp and other internet info sources are usually out of date.

Now B4 you freak out, we here at Brokelyn dug deep into the ball basket and found out where you can still feed your bingo addiction on a weekly basis! So grab your bingo markers and remember the ‘ole saying: Try not to take your bingo too seriously, because at the end of the day you will find that it’s just a load of balls.


It’s a damn fine bingo card. Damn fine. Via website


308 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg
Wednesdays at 9pm

Bingo walk with me: Videology’s bingo theme through December is Twin Peaks! And since this Williamsburg spot is part bar, part cinema, they’ve got every mid-game snacker covered with cheap popcorn that’ll pair nicely with your drinks.

Alligator Lounge
600 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg
Wednesdays at 9pm, Thursdays 8pm-midnight

What other place offers you a free pizza with the purchase of any beer? Alligator Lounge does. Not only do they host bingo on Whiskey Wednesdays, but there’s also Rock & Roll bingo every Thursday.

191 Smith St, Boerum Hill
Wednesdays 8-11pm

This spot offers food and drink specials throughout the night for Bingo bingers. Prizes for winning include tickets for events at Union Pool and Bell House!


Far far far on a planet called Brooklyn via. Friends and Lovers
Far far far on a planet called Brooklyn. via Friends and Lovers

Friends and Lovers
641 Classon Ave, Crown Heights
Mondays 8-10pm

Nerdy Bingo is where you can find themed drinks like the C3P-Old Fashioned and Battlestar Galactaritas, but also get rewarded for quick answers to nerdy trivia questions. I spent a birthday here during Soul Night and a drag queen gave a surprise performance, so there’s really no telling what can happen at Bingo.

1433 Bedford Ave, Crown Heights
Mondays 8-10pm

It’s Bayou Bingo at this Cajun comfort food joint! There’s a Mystery Grab Bag, Booze Ball shots, and the Nico Ball. What more could you want? “Dancing Queen” by ABBA usually makes an appearance as well. (Shameless plug: I waitress this bingo, when not serving brunch here. )

Jalopy Tavern
317 Columbia St, Red Hook
Sundays, 4:30-6:30pm

Sunday night is Date Night at Jalopy, where you can play some bingo and catch dinner and a show right next door at the Jalopy Theater. If you live in the neighborhood or have the energy to get out to Red Hook, this is a surefire way to avoid bingo bros.


Betch via. Instagram
Betch. via Instagram

Boobie Trap
308 Bleecker St, Bushwick
Tuesdays at 9pm

The best type of support a girl could ever need, Boobie Trap is the home to boobs, board games and drag queen bingo. Can I get a gay-men? (Also, can I please get a new card because this one must be cursed and the person across from me keeps winning)

Ginger’s Bar
363 5th Ave, Park Slope
Sundays at 7:30pm

It’s drag, darling: Bingo with Luscious Lola serves up fun, Blue (bingo) Ball shots and wacky prizes galore.

Happy tamping! Remember to tip your servers/bartenders, because no one likes someone who comes and sits for hours for free bingo and doesn’t order anything. Don’t be a B6 (bag of dicks, okay, I tried).

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