BK Cyclones luring Williamsburg bearded, skinny jeans crowd

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Yeah, we were into the Cyclones ... before they were into us. Via MisterCroft.

Lay off criticizing all those beards and skinny jeans for a minute: turns out they’re finally good for something. In a feat of delicious pandering and semi-clever marketing, the Brooklyn Cyclones are holding a “Williamsburg night”  at the Coney Island stadium July 5, which, of course, means skinny jeans and beards get the royal treatment. Bearded fans will get various discounts on food and drinks at the ballpark, and anyone in skinny jeans gets to run the bases (an honor usually reserved for 8-year-olds). And if you’re intense enough to have a Cyclones tattoo, you’ll also get a customized jersey. Plus, there will be Skee-Ball tournament from our friends at Full Circle Bar and some as-yet-unidentified “Williamsburg music and art.” While we take exception with the idea that all people with beards and skinny jeans live in Williamsburg, we did ask spokesman Billy Harner if only dudes qualify for the beard discount.

“Obviously, we expect most of our bearded fans to be men,” he said. “But it is Coney Island after all, and the bearded lady has been part of the Coney Island side shows for decades, so all are welcome.”

And who will be the arbiter of what counts as “skinny” jeans?

“There is no criteria for how skinny a skinny jean needs to be,” he said. “We just recommend that they are loose enough to make your way around the bases comfortably.”
Oh, and the game is vs. the Williamsport Crosscutters, if you care. So, all ya’ll goin?

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  1. They need people to come to games, so whatever, but it is truly ridiculous that essentially only men will get discounts.

  2. All I can say is hold on to your baseball bats. If we play this right, there will be a few hundred less hipsters alive by the end of the day.

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