Root for some spare change: The ‘cheap seats’ do still exist!

You don’t have to go back to 1969 to find $10 mets tickets.

Those of us who get out to the ol’ ballgame a few times each year are happy to let the box-score clippers and fantasy baseball dweebs spend their stacks to sit behind home plate.  Give us a beer, a dog, maybe a little sunshine … and how about some old-fashioned ticket prices? For atmosphere and affordability in our borough, baseball fans can’t beat a trip to see the Brooklyn Cyclones. Don’t give up on venturing out to a Yankees or Mets game either: you can get tickets to all the teams for less than $10. Here’s a Moneyball approach to spending a day in one of our rare parks without dog poop, even if you aren’t making that A-Rod money.

Fears of the $500 ticket keep many away, but planning ahead can help even a whole family get in the game. The trick is going on $5 ticket night and making a special night out of — be still your heart — a Monday tilt with the Royals.

The next $5 ticket night is May 21, and you’ll be sitting in seats that normally go for $20-$55 a pop. Front row? No … high up but behind the plate. The usual dealbreaker, Ticketmaster charges, won’t make you bat an eye in this case: add a buck per ticket, and on $5 night your wallet’s STILL much better off if you choose the Yankees over The Avengers.

Other promotions include half-price ticket night and student discounts. Find all the $5 ticket nights, e-special signups, more deals on

The Mets drastically slashed payroll and couldn’t pony up to keep the face of their franchise. So fans must be offered a reduced price for the product, righ—never mind.  $43 to sit in the outfield, anyone? Who’s up?

You’ll probably be sitting here at Mets game, but it’s not so bad.

Tortured Mets fans know how to milk sympathy though. If you roll up to a lightly-attended game and ask for $7 seats, they’ll put you in the outfield second deck – but at least you’re in the game (those ticket prices aren’t advertised). Also, apparently they never turn down a discount for a student ID card, no matter what school, no matter what decade.

eBay shoppers and bargain hunters will enjoy the Mets’ dynamic pricing  page on their website. As the 4-0 start fades and demand drops, so do prices of future tickets, in real time. Choose your seats and dates by savings: you might score decent $15 seats that would have gone for $40+ while the Mets were mopping up the Marlins. [You can also get a pair of free tickets to a game when you donate platelets to the New York Blood Center during the summer! -Ed.]

Mets Dynamic Pricing marketplace

Starting May 6, when tickets went on sale, the Brooklyn Cyclones are our clutch, go-to show when you want real baseball atmosphere for less. And you never have to search hard for a single-digit ticket price: the whole range of ticket prices goes from $9-$16.

Are you a social media savant striving for even more savings? Tweets, check-ins and posts with the Cyclones will earn you points this year, redeemable for discounts and prizes. They’re calling it their Social Scoreboard.

“We’re the first team on the east coast to try it,” Cyclones marketing & promotions manager Dan Pecoraro said.

At MCU Park, Via Flickr’s Gary Dunaier.

Top scorers can even win luxury suites, spring training trips and chances to fire the first pitch.

Tip your ballcap to the Cyclones – they’re always throwing marketing darts. This one hits a bullseye for baseball fans with little in their pockets but plenty of social media hours to kill.

Brooklyn Cyclones tickets … on sale May now!

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