Be cool as ice and 10 other free ways to spend the week

This guy had a number one record
This guy had a number one record

1. Lionel Shrive, the author of We Need to Talk About Kevin comes to Powerhouse Arena to talk about her new bookBig Brother. It’s not about the NSA, but is about obesity, so hey, still relevant (Monday)

2. Videology screens a locally-sourced mystery/comedy, The Confabulators (Monday)

3. Brooklyn Brewery takes over The Owl Farm, a bar we love. Presumably not by force, but we never know with these microbrew wars anymore. Don’t forget your beer book! (Tuesday)

4. The owners of Franny’s wrote a cookbook and they’re going to Greenlight Books to talk about their cookbook and there will be snacks. This Brooklyn food renaissance will make us all 400 pounds eventually (Tuesday)

5. Bad Movie Brooklyn has dug deep to find maybe the worst movie of all time, the Vanilla Ice Rebel Without A Cause-riffing Cool as Ice. Be there (Tuesday)

6. Big Daddy Kane will be at Von King Park for SummerStage to show all you young folks how to rock a party right (Wednesday)

7. Throw a dart, get a Sailor Jerry tattoo. So if you really want something, have good aim (Wednesday)

8. In preparation for the next hurricane that tries to kill us all, let’s have a discussion about how to have the best cultural reaction to it (Thursday)

9. Amy Stewart pops in to WORD to talk about the plants humans have desperately tried to make booze from. So there IS something out there worse then Glug (Thursday)

10. We can’t stand it, we know you planned it: Atlantic Co. holds a tribute night to the Beastie Boys. Drink a brass monkey before you go (Friday)

11. Party Like It’s 1999 wants you to remember another movie from the 90s that has definitely not held up that well,Can’t Hardly Wait. But to make it worth it, they’ll have a guest DJ: Jonny Cragg, from Spacehog! (Friday)

In the meantime…

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