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Bars We Love: Get gonzo at Owl Farm!


The Owl Farm
297 9th Street (b/t 4th and 5th Aves)
Park Slope
(718) 499-4988

What it is: A friendly, spacious neighborhood bar that happens to have an impressive rotation of delicious alternatives to the standard drafts. No snobbery served here.

Why we love it: The tunes are always a killer blend of nostalgic, classic, and Pitchfork approved. Every Wednesday they host a Vinyl Club night where you can bring your old LPs and get in the rotation. The Owl Farm is owned by the same cats that run Bar Great Harry and Mission Dolores, so expect a familiar relaxed vibe, cheap drinks, antique pinball machines, and sick happy hour deals. Also, WORKING FIREPLACE.

Who to bring: People who like beer and are awesome. The Owl Farm is spacious and has lots of seating options, so it’s great for happy hour with a group (2 for $5 M-F until 7) or a random Tuesday night OkCupid date.

What to order: There are 28 constantly rotating drafts to choose from, plus two cask beers all between $4 and $8, so you can’t really go wrong here. Maybe start the night off with a Big Beer like Laughing Dog Sneaky Pete and then move on to something a bit lighter like the Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold. For true brokesters, Narragansett and Yuengling go for $4 a pint.

Fun fact: Yes, the bar is named after Hunter S. Thompson’s Colorado ranch. It also channels some of the gonzo soul of its fortified compound namesake, which often operated like a social club with people from all walks of life mulling around in the pre-dawn hours exchanging wild ideas about philosophy, politics, writing, and, of course, the American Dream.

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  1. The Diet Coke @ The Owl Farm was of the utmost quality, the bartenders were total babes and I really dug the 90’s rock bumping through the sound system. You see to me the nineties just ended about 2 1/2 years ago when I quit drinking alcohol and snorting cocaine. It has been a slow transition and part of me will always be stuck in the nineties.

    For example:

    I watch clips of 120 Minutes & Headbangers Ball all the time on you tube, and I like chicks to call me Krist Novoselic during lovemaking.. They can call me the the bass player from Nirvana too. Either works for me as I am not to picky and both make me feel like a rock star during the most intimate of moments.

    Did you know the fact that I saw Nirvana live in 1994 on the In Utero tour has been the starting point of many conversations that eventually led to me getting laid ?

    Of course you didn’t and I never would have guessed that teenage angst would have actually payed off so well.

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