11/30/16 11:31am
New etiquette rules now that you can watch Netflix offline on the subway

Via Flickr user randombydefinition

Today Netflix came to the rescue of people with long commutes who hate reading books (or are maybe too hungover to read on the way to work because girl we’ve been there) by finally letting you download videos for offline viewing. The streaming service now allows you to save certain episodes and movies on your mobile device (iPad or iPhone, for instance, but not your laptop). Now you can crush some eps of Stranger Things or the entirety of Minions while underground or on an airplane or at your weird relatives’ house that doesn’t have wifi over Christmas.

As with every new upgrade of commuter technology, we must embrace new etiquette rules for being a respectful subway rider while still enjoying your entertainment. Here then is your comprehensive etiquette rules for watching Netflix on the subway: (more…)

10/26/16 12:15pm
Fake MTA poster urges Donald Trump not to grope women on the train, or anywhere

You know that guy manspreads too. Via Emilio Herce.

The MTA frequently reminds you through official signs that a crowded train is not an excuse for unwanted sexual contact. While most commuters heed the message, it seems not to have gotten through to the Republican candidate for president, who is responsible for bringing a conversation about “is groping cool or nah” into the race for the most important position in the world.

So someone made this official-looking MTA sign as a reminder to him, and anyone, that you shouldn’t grab women by the anywhere, no matter if you’re commuting to work or hosting a reality show. Friend of Brokelyn Emilio Herce spotted this last night on an uptown 2 train when he got on at 72nd St. last night and sent it to us. It’s unclear who made it, but the MTA confirms it’s definitely not them. (more…)

07/08/15 4:10pm
Come on, man. Photo by Jennifer Shaw

Come on, man. Photo by Jennifer Shaw

From tipster Jennifer Shaw, behold a grievous violation of subway etiquette. We understand that we had a brief apocalypse today, but we don’t think it was dire enough to violate the idea that you shouldn’t bring something one step down from a damn motorcycle on the D train. Shaw told us that she came across the subway scooter when she got on the train at Broadway-Lafayette this afternoon, and the owner rolled it off the train when it got to Atlantic Avenue.

“I was hoping he’d get off at my stop so I could watch him try and get it down the stairs, but no such luck,” she told us, while also noting that there wasn’t much of a reaction but that it probably would have been a thing if it had been a busier time of day. (more…)

07/29/14 4:04pm
subway flirting

Yeah, but is she really though? via Flickr user jbc

What is the best way to interact with your fellow humans stuck on the subway with you? Climaxes of 1980s romantic comedies would suggest you get involved in their romantic affairs. Actual real life suggests you should just read a book or stare at the signs, and only interact with your fellow commuters when you need them to get the hell out of the way or to let them know they’re about to step in puke. Should you be hitting on your fellow commuters though? Dating experts that DNA Info talked to think so, to the point where they offered some tips to hit on your fellow passengers. I have a tip on how to effectively hit on your fellow passengers as well: DON’T. (more…)

05/21/14 4:01pm
saving room for cats

It all makes sense now! via Saving Room for Cats

Men on the subway who decide to stretch out and take up two spots is always a go-to subject for ridicule that everyone can get behind. Silence your #notallmen. No one ever knew why men did this though, beyond some macho “I own everything I see” attitude that some guys have. No one knew that is, until a Tumblr user recently came up with a brilliant theory: they’re saving room for cats. And so, Saving Room For Cats, a Tumblr dedicated to Photoshopping cats in between the legs of men spreading out on the train was born, and was brilliant and we all laughed. Except for r/mensrights. A couple more favorites after the jump. (more…)

04/18/13 9:58am
Everybody comfy?

Everybody comfy?

Tired of not being able to find a seat on the subway? Of course you are! It’s like saying you’re tired of that garbage smell during the summer, or high rent or Mike Bloomberg’s stupid face. But short of wandering around with your own tiny seat, there isn’t much you can do about being required to stand in the subway. Fortunately for us, the folks at the Transportation Research Board have been watching us (on the train only we hope) and have some recommendations for an improved seating and standing environment. (more…)