Come on, man. Photo by Jennifer Shaw

From tipster Jennifer Shaw, behold a grievous violation of subway etiquette. We understand that we had a brief apocalypse today, but we don’t think it was dire enough to violate the idea that you shouldn’t bring something one step down from a damn motorcycle on the D train. Shaw told us that she came across the subway scooter when she got on the train at Broadway-Lafayette this afternoon, and the owner rolled it off the train when it got to Atlantic Avenue.

“I was hoping he’d get off at my stop so I could watch him try and get it down the stairs, but no such luck,” she told us, while also noting that there wasn’t much of a reaction but that it probably would have been a thing if it had been a busier time of day.

To be fair, we’ve never owned a giant electric scooter, so we can’t say with any confidence what the best way to transport one that isn’t working. Maybe lugging it onto a subway train and placing DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE DOORS is actually the best way to get from Point A to Point B if your electric motor breaks. Maybe the owner of the scooter just didn’t feel like working the brake levers or the throttle. Or maybe the owner just didn’t feel safe riding it during the brief breakdown in the financial order that we experienced today. In which case, tough luck buddy, just keep it locked up somewhere until order is restored.

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