Video: Subway-riding snake manspreads across entire pole

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Among the more subtle ways to identify a tourist is the amount of pole they occupy. A seasoned, courteous straphanger will only take up as much pole as necessary: the minimum amount of pole needed to grasp to stay stable. Tourists and discourteous straphangers will use the pole like a vertical yoga mat, leaning on valuable balancing space as though they’ll never have a chance to lean again, leaving the rest of us to squat in a corner and brace for the next station.

Just a typical night on the L… from nyc

Being a snake, this long buddy can use its get out of jail free card just this once, but we have solid video evidence of very serious manspreading. Imagine if a pair of human legs were taking up as much space as this snek – they’d basically be doing a split across four seats.

The snake bears a striking resemblance, especially to someone who knows very little about snakes, to the one who made headlines back in June.

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