04/17/17 1:21pm
And you, and you, and you, you're gonna love me.

And you, and you, and you, you’re gonna love me.

All the women who independent, throw your hands up at me, unless you’re holding a baby, in which case, please be careful! The final episode of Girls was all about letting go — of relationships, of obligation, of whatever you thought maturity looked like.

While many would argue that last week’s penultimate episode felt much more like a fitting, traditional finale, this week’s three-character play set out to give closure to a few of Girls’ running themes, instead of adding any additional flourishes to individual characters’ storylines. As you may have already read, we’d seen the last of Elijah, Ray, Adam, Jessa and Shosh, leaving us with Marnie, Loreen, Hannah, plus one. (more…)

04/03/17 4:02pm
Which aisle is emotional stability?

Which aisle is emotional stability?

Baby, it’s not over ’til it’s over, except maybe even then it’s not really over until you find your pregnant ex in a pile of freeze-pops and spend the day playing parent-to-be until you’re both sobbing over soup in a greasy spoon.

That’s the crux of this week’s episode of Girls (with the on-the-nose title “What Will We Do This Time About Adam?”). The titular actor begins by explaining to Jessa that he has to pursue his true feelings for Hannah and ask her to raise this baby with her. (If we had to sit through his awful movie, we might start questioning a lot of our life choices, too.)

Jessa takes the news that he’ll be offering his paternal services (that sounds gross) to Hannah … well? Or at least it seems. He heads out into the sticky Brooklyn heat to find Hannah battling a busted AC by stuffing her dress full of freeze-pops at the local bodega. He tells her he wants to help raise the baby, and Hannah overcomes her initial shock to accept. (Blame the heatstroke.)


02/25/16 10:34am
Ginger Blunt Man and Lincoln Town Car are two of the series' finest puns.

Meet the Ginger Blunt Man

Does anyone else feel like it’s a reeeally long time in between Wednesdays these days? Ugh, same. We’re back for week two of Broad City season 3, and we’re dying to know what you thought. Let’s gaaaaaab.

First of all, like, if these broads were really stumping for Hillary, this would have been an abortion episode. Instead, it was a weird Freaky Friday-type thing that, while it may be our least favorite episode of all time, was still packed with moments that we want to relive with you. Read on, cuz the gif game is strong with this one. (more…)

01/03/12 10:21am

Did you know about coupons?

Last night’s 2 Broke Girls was probably the most annoying one yet, if you can believe it. Not only was it as ridiculous and racist as usual, but it also managed to eradicate the master plot that the show has been establishing since the pilot. At least there was an appearance by Chestnut, who has come to be the most down-to-earth character on this show, even though he is a horse living in a  backyard in Brooklyn. FREE KAT DENNINGS! (more…)

12/13/11 1:08pm

Step away from the stove, ladies.

In last’s night episode of supposedly “America’s number one new comedy” our favorite 2 Broke Girls find themselves with a busted oven. Simple, “tell the landlord,” you think. Then you find out Max hasn’t been paying the rent, so that won’t work. You guys! Caroline then, unselfishly, offers to sell one of her belongings, an exclusive and expensive T.A.T. ring (is this really a thing, or a made up thing? Tell me, rich people!) for them to get a new oven. And so the brokelynista adventure begins! Cash for gold stores! Bathroom pop-up sales! There’s not much ado about Brooklyn in the episode, however, there were a lot of ethic, sex, and vibrators jokes to spare. (more…)

12/06/11 7:30am

Chestnut the horse is rocking some jeggings.

Last night’s 2 Broke Girls was focused on the show’s one broke horse. With winter coming, Max and Caroline need to find a place to keep Chestnut safe and warm (because it’s a recession for horses, too — think about it!). The girls decide to hand over custody to Peaches (the super rich woman who employs Max as a nanny), because she wants to adopt an animal in order to get cast on Real Housewives of TriBeCa. While the whole horse-in-the-backyard thing has been a big point of ridicule for 2 Broke Girls, this episode used Chestnut to show how deeply Max and Caroline care about their little dysfunctional family, and it was one of the best 2BGs yet. So … what did they say about Brooklyn? (more…)

11/29/11 11:08am

2 Broke Girls is in reruns for a week or two which means we won’t have our usual episode recaps. So let’s take a moment to reflect on the first 10 episodes and think about two things: 1) why is the show’s seemingly anachronistic style of sitcomy, ba-dum-bump joke delivery and ghoulishly tired racial/ethnic/hipster jokes a mega hit across America (pulling in 11 million viewers for last-night’s rerun)?; and 2) why does it burrow under the skin of so many of us living the actual broke in Brooklyn lifestyle like so much laugh-tracked scabies? I mean, it’s just a primetime sitcom on the same station that gave Charlie Sheen all that drug money, and they would never sell ads if it were actually a mumblecore vérité depiction of people living ten-to-a-loft in Bushwick or something, right? So why act so disappointed? (more…)

11/22/11 12:10pm

Talk about PERIOD costume.

In this very special Thanksgiving episode, Caroline and Max make mad tips, convince Han to keep the diner open to feed the homeless and Caroline starts to grow a backbone; which is about damn time! Things seem to be going pretty swimmingly. But THEN (dun dun DUHN): Caroline accidentally breaks Max’s mixer. It’s seems though Caroline is getting tougher, she’s still just a rich dumb blonde. When they go to a department store to buy a new one and realize they can’t afford it, they decide to get jobs as Santa’s elves. Hijinx and zingers (too many zingers?) and all the vagina jokes you could hope for ensue! (more…)

11/15/11 9:23am

Cassandra addresses Max and Caroline at a group art show.

This week’s 2 Broke Girls episode almost didn’t get recapped because I came very close to throwing my TV out the window when Caroline says to Max, “Girls cannot be friends with guys!” This again? It’s 2011. Haven’t we settled the great debate about if men and women can be friends with each other yet? Yes, they can, of course duh obviously. But Max cannot seem to be pals with Johnny, her bartender/street artist crush who, we found out last week, has a secret girlfriend. When Max and Caroline end up selling their cupcakes at one of Johnny’s art shows, there is sneaky kissing in the bathroom and all-around stress for everyone involved, including the viewer.

Luckily, this episode redeemed itself with not one, not two, but three jokes about Adele, as well as a much improved effort at reflecting real life Brooklyn. (more…)

11/08/11 9:43am

Caroline enters the clutterdome

I’ve now spent many a Monday night watching 2 Broke Girlsin service of Brokelyners everywhere (you’re welx), and this week was probably my most enjoyable evening of duty. In the episode, Caroline decides to make extra money by responding to a Craigslist posting looking for a professional organizer, which leads to her and Max cleaning up a hoarder’s apartment. At night, Max serves as the lookout for Johnny (the hot bartender-slash-street-artist) while he tags a billboard and simultaneously flirts with her … but then in a shocking (and RUDE) twist, it turns out he’s had a secret girlfriend this whole time. What a jerk!There was a whole hoarding-as-a-metaphor thing going on, with characters aggressively stowing away huge portions of their emotions and personal lives. And this actually ended up giving us a lot of info about what’s going on in the minds of Max and Caroline and Johnny, which is something show has often struggled to do. But anyway, what about Brooklyn??? (more…)