2 Broke Girls episode 8 recap: Enter the Craigslist

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Caroline enters the clutterdome

I’ve now spent many a Monday night watching 2 Broke Girlsin service of Brokelyners everywhere (you’re welx), and this week was probably my most enjoyable evening of duty. In the episode, Caroline decides to make extra money by responding to a Craigslist posting looking for a professional organizer, which leads to her and Max cleaning up a hoarder’s apartment. At night, Max serves as the lookout for Johnny (the hot bartender-slash-street-artist) while he tags a billboard and simultaneously flirts with her … but then in a shocking (and RUDE) twist, it turns out he’s had a secret girlfriend this whole time. What a jerk!There was a whole hoarding-as-a-metaphor thing going on, with characters aggressively stowing away huge portions of their emotions and personal lives. And this actually ended up giving us a lot of info about what’s going on in the minds of Max and Caroline and Johnny, which is something show has often struggled to do. But anyway, what about Brooklyn???


Is This Guy Cool?: Max and Caroline go back and forth between joking about how the guy from Craigslist is going to cut off their faces (to wear as party hats) and actually being scared that he’s going to cut off their faces. Their posturing to seem so-not-scared coupled with their total anxiety about Internet strangers was right on the nose.

Caroline turns to Craigslist. But maybe she should change first?

Manhattan Complex: Before Johnny turns into a total jerkhead, he and Max romantically sit together on a billboard and look at the Manhattan skyline while drinking beer. Johnny brags that he would never live in Manhattan, but when Max calls him out by asking, “Because you can’t afford it?,” he immediately says, “Yeah.” This is some pretty accurate posturing. Also, isn’t the relationship between Brooklyn and Manhattan so complicated? And aren’t emotions? And love?

Still Good: Johnny buys Max’s cupcakes a day old for a buck less. Yum!


Minimum Wage: The girls each get $100 a day for cleaning the hoarder’s apartment. I feel like I would ask for more? I mean, for a legit hoarder? Also, they clean out the whole apartment in two days. That’s pretty quick for an apartment with FDR-era newspapers and hidden boxes of kittens.

More of those loathsome diner customers
Cool Outfit, Bro: The only thing more ridiculous than the uniforms Max and Caroline supposedly wear as waitresses at a diner in Williamsburg is the idea that they would keep wearing those awful dresses after they get home from work. Change into some leggings, ladies! Like, the second you get in the door.
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  1. I’ve seen a couple/few episodes. Thought the writing (and resultant acting) was lots better this time. Loved that ‘Manhattan is a bitch’ dialogue!

    But the Asian diner character is a bit, uh, racist? Or maybe he–and fo’ sho’ that horny kitchen guy–could’ve been better cast(ed?).

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