2 Broke Girls episode 13 recap: Max’s deep, dark secret

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Did you know about coupons?

Last night’s 2 Broke Girls was probably the most annoying one yet, if you can believe it. Not only was it as ridiculous and racist as usual, but it also managed to eradicate the master plot that the show has been establishing since the pilot. At least there was an appearance by Chestnut, who has come to be the most down-to-earth character on this show, even though he is a horse living in a  backyard in Brooklyn. FREE KAT DENNINGS!


Cut It Out: Caroline discovers how much money she can save by applying coupons to her grocery store purchases, and quickly becomes obsessed with saving cash. She starts watching a public access TV show hosted by a sassy black lady (why???) called The Williamsburg Coupon Queen, and then stocks up on basically-free chicken pot pie and canned pumpkin. While I appreciate Caroline’s efforts to conserve money, I didn’t appreciate the pun about how she has “cou-Ponzi DNA.” Also, I feel like nowadays she would go right for Groupon.


That shit craysian.

In the Mix: While the idea that two young girls would be trying to start their own cupcake business has always seemed Brooklyn-y enough, in this episode we find out that Max makes her supposedly homemade cupcakes from a store-bought mix! Not only does this undermine the whole premise of Max and Caroline’s potential bakery, but it also undermines the whole premise of this show. Why are they saving up their money to start a bakery when Max actually does not even know how to bake? Max dramatically confesses that the reason she uses cake mix is because she didn’t have a good mother so nobody ever taught her how to bake cupcakes. Couldn’t she just Google it though? I’m not exactly trying to start my own cupcake business over here, but I’m pretty sure you just mix a few ingredients in a bowl, you know?

Female Problems: When Han raises the price of tampons in the diner bathroom from 25 cents to 75 cents, Max says that he’s “everything that’s wrong with the economy in a boy’s v-neck sweater” and screams to all the customers that he’s a “man who thinks your mensy should be more expensy!” In real life she would probably be fired for insubordination and bad jokes, but in the show, she’s praised as “the Norma Rae of feminine hygiene.” It’s hard to think of any character on this show as a crusader for women, considering how many punchlines come at their expense. But it’s even harder to believe that Max and Caroline or any of the diner customers would be buying their tampons from that machine in the bathroom unless it was an emergency sitch.

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  1. I said the same thing on a discussion board, that hhe writers have taken away the premise of the show. Don’t know if I can keep watching it any more. 

  2. Could not agree more, I know it is a comedy but the fact that she doesn’t even know how to make cupcakes destroys the premise of the show. A show based of starting a cupcake business. I should blow past it but it, it just gets under my skin.

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