2 Broke Girls episode 12 recap: Easy break oven

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Step away from the stove, ladies.

In last’s night episode of supposedly “America’s number one new comedy” our favorite 2 Broke Girls find themselves with a busted oven. Simple, “tell the landlord,” you think. Then you find out Max hasn’t been paying the rent, so that won’t work. You guys! Caroline then, unselfishly, offers to sell one of her belongings, an exclusive and expensive T.A.T. ring (is this really a thing, or a made up thing? Tell me, rich people!) for them to get a new oven. And so the brokelynista adventure begins! Cash for gold stores! Bathroom pop-up sales! There’s not much ado about Brooklyn in the episode, however, there were a lot of ethic, sex, and vibrators jokes to spare.



Cash for Gold
These places do royally suck, and they’re super depressing no matter where you live. Though the shop was a little too nice looking (missing the bullet-proof glass and peeling paint), it did include the sassy counter lady, who screamed at them to sit down, shut up and not be rude. She might be the best thing about this whole episode. She didn’t give a shit that the rings were rare and made by a famous designer. She simply weighed the gold, and offered a price; which is all they do. They are not collectors, or pawn people. They only care about the weight of the gold. So, take note.


Down at the pawn shop. The fancy pawn shop.

Virginia Slims
When Caroline and Max go to a fancy UES department store to “return” their T.A.T. ring with no receipt, Caroline runs into a sassy gay man who Caroline accidentally got fired from another fancy department store for leaving a bunch of Virginia Slim butts out front. He holds a grudge and thwarts their fake return plan. So this brings me to this: who, other than single suburban soccer moms and Cruella Deville, smokes VIRGINIA SLIMS?! Apparently, the writers think gay men do, too. Am I wrong? Gays, get at me in the comments! I need clarification.

Purple Oven
Caroline buys Max’s dream: a purple oven. Unless you are getting an easy bake oven or live in Lisa Frank’s palace, these do not exist.

Short Skirts and Highs Heels
It’s been said before but it’s worth repeating: I’m sorry, Sex and the City creator, but this uniform would never work for a waitress, unless we worked at a strip club.

Ethnic Jokes in the Episode

Iranian women are loud, over styled and will buy anything!

Mexican girls love painted-on eyebrows

Hey Koreans, size doesn’t matter!

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  1. Also everyone knows that you don’t need to stand that far back when you light the pilot light unless you’re getting WWAAYYYY too much gas :P

  2. Now in my earlier years, I do recall doing something similar to a PopUpSale but it wasn’t a sale nor in the ladies room but “something” did PopUp and I had to suck it down! HOLLAR!!!

  3. “BONUS
    Ethnic Jokes in the Episode

    Iranian women are loud, over styled and will buy anything!”

    Actually those women were speaking Arabic, not Farsi, so they’re not Iranian women.

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