Attention politics nerds: You don’t need a TV this year either

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First sports fans got a reason to not own a TV, then Breaking Bad fans, and now: political nerds! YouTube just announced it will be live-streaming for free not only the Republican and Democratic conventions this year, but also all the debates, which promises to be a better experience than NBC’s Olympics livestreaming fustercluck (or its TV broadcasts too, probably). This means no more crowding around the one TV in the bar trying to hear Paul Ryan speak over the din of the crowd; you can watch him alone in the dark of your bathroom, as he was meant to be heard.

The YouTube stream is part of its Elections Hub that it says will serve as a “one-stop channel for key political moments from now through the upcoming U.S. election day.” It also features all sorts of news feeds from around the world, including Al Jazeera, The New York Times, Univision and even BuzzFeed (42 Best Gifs of Ann Romney Being Supportive?).

The Republican Convention in Tampa runs from Monday to Thursday and will feature keynote speaker, New Jersey  Governor and likely only interesting person at the party Chris Christie.

The Democratic Convention in Charlotte is Sept. 4-6 and will feature Barry re-accepting the nomination in the same stadium where the Carolina Panthers play.

Here’s the debate schedule: the first one is Oct. 3.

via The Hill.


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