And the gold goes to: Not owning a TV! NBC will stream the summer Olympics for free online

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Let’s do this, London!

[UPDATE: You have to use a cable subscription to log in to the streaming. Which means you have to just borrow a friend’s cable information.] Following in the footsteps of the Superbowl, the Girls pilot and, uh, every other show that doesn’t have a good enough legal team to beat all the torrents of the world, NBC plans to stream the London Olympics this summer for free, live online as the events happen for the first time ever. “If cameras are on it, we’ll stream it,” an NBC exec told the New York Times. We’re excited about this for a few reasons: 1) the Olympics are a blast to watch, but we end up spending too much time and money at a bar to mooch off their TV all day, especially at odd hours due to time differences (see: 2010 World Cup); and 2) the best part of the Olympics is tuning into CNBC at 4am and getting SUPER INTO some strange event like equestrian judo or something, which we can do again! The only catch is that big prime-time stuff like the Michael Phelps races will be streamed, but won’t be archived on the site, so you’ll have to catch them live or on NBC proper. The festivities run July 27-Aug. 12.

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  1. I’m going to guess there won’t be commentary on the raw feeds though. In Beijing they had experts talk through what was going on in a little chat window, which was great. But they didn’t in Vancouver, leaving me to ponder often, “is that a good curling shot or not?”

    So I hope you know what’s going on in your equestrian judo as you’re watching it!

    • Easy. Just tune into the equestrian judo twitter feed: there’s got to be someone out there on the globe showing off their expertise of the sport.

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