Did you know? You don’t need a TV to watch the Superbowl this year

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Go G-Fense! And Gmail!

Maybe this is old news to some, but the rest of us who pay only tangential attention to sports are upending our Sunday plans: NBC is streaming the Superbowl online for free this year, which means you don’t need to make nice with your one friend in the suburbs who has a TV or spend dozens of dollars at a bar. Of course, two things to consider: 1) there’s no telling how good the stream will be, which means you could miss minutes of the game to annoying buffering and overloaded networks; and 2) isn’t it just fun to be out and about in the while watching a New York team beat up on a Boston one?

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  1. Or you could do something more worthwhile with your time like volunteer at a soup kitchen, or get a root canal or STAB OUT YOUR EYES WITH FORKS BECAUSE UGH THIS GAME.

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