Yes, there was a dinosaur in Prospect Park. No, not a real one

improv everywhere jurassic park
Just a totally normal day at Prospect Park. via Improv Everywhere

Man, Prospect Park has had a hell of a year. GoogaMooga, Tropfest, the president landing a helicopter there. And on some recent sunny day, allegedly a dinosaur was there. Or we guess, there really was one, but it was a fake dinosaur that moved around and roared and chased people, because Improv Everywhere decided they wanted to make Prospect Park into Jurassic Park.

As you can see, after driving around and asking where Jurassic Park was, and getting answers that ranged from bemused to dismissive, the foursome in the Jurassic Park jeep arrived at Prospect Park, to find a large dinosaur just hanging out, doing dinosaur things. It’s kind of weird there was no news about this before, because even in a year of the park being a strange place to be, you’d think GIANT ANIMATRONIC DINOSAUR would raise an eyebrow or two, but it didn’t really. Obviously the lesson is, next time you bring at least two dinosaurs.

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