Short and sweet: World’s largest short film festival coming to Brooklyn

If you win, he will come for you, because it's his nature.
If you win, he will award you the prize, because it’s his nature.

Sure, Manhattan has its Tribeca Film Festivals and its New York Film Festivals and its LES Film Festivals and whatever, and maybe Sundance is never really coming to Kings County, but worry not, Brooklyn cinephiles, because you have not been forgotten! Tropfest, the world’s largest short film festival, is heading to Prospect Park this summer, and not only will it be free to attend, but it’ll be hosted by Liev Schreiber, because , yeah, whatever De Niro and Redford, we’ve got Sabretooth. Naturally, it was hosted by Hugh Jackman last year, so once again Wolverine is one step ahead of his bro.

Anyone with a short film is welcome to enter, even if you shot the whole thing on your iPhone. Plus, there’s a sweet cash prize — last year, winner Josh Leake won $20,000, courtesy of the Motion Picture Association, and they’re offering that same amount to one winner this year. They’ve extended the deadline for submission to May 16th, so if you think you’ve got the next best mini-feature on your hands (and a $35 entry fee handy) you can submit your application online. There are a few requirements: your film must have its premiere at Tropfest to qualify (no double-dipping your entry!), it must run under seven minutes and you’ve got to sneak in the festival’s signature item somewhere — this year, it’s “Bridge.” Now where would you find one of those around here?

The festival will head to Prospect Park on June 22nd, and it’s free to attend, just be prepared to see a few beauty shots of littered PBRs on the Williamsburg Bridge. Check out some of these submissions from past entrants to get pumped up.

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