Thanks, Obama: Presidential visit means Prospect Park closure

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Nice helicopter…for a COMMUNIST. Photo by Tom Prendergast, via Park Slope Stoop

Well, turns out there’s a downside to Barack Obama coming to visit Friday, other than him waving his magic Kenyan wand and raising taxes on all of us. Park Slope Stoop caught a glimpse of the Presidential helicopters landing on in Prospect Park yesterday afternoon, and now we know why: the president is landing there before heading to Crown Heights. Unfortunately, that also means the whole park is going to be closed from noon until 6pm, as per a note from the Prospect Park Alliance, because we can’t risk someone hiding in the bushes ready to leap out and ask for an autograph. So you’ll have to find somewhere else to sun yourself and think about how you should have voted for what’s his name, the robot guy.

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We know you can't hear us in your paddy wagon, cow, but you did wonders for today's news cycle.


  1. “waving his magic Kenyan wand and raising taxes on all of us.”

    Yeah, Mr. Colon, Stick to what you know: Cheap beer and “the baseball” – okay!!!

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