The Week in Broketown, 9/7 – 9/11

Go rule your weekend. Photo by Madelyn Owens
Go rule your weekend. Photo by Madelyn Owens

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-All the glitter, costumes and waving politicos of the West Indian Day Parade

Do or Dine throws in the towel

-Haybaby have tunes, and the story of defusing a robbery, for you

-You could buy this $500,000 Clinton Hill studio…OR fly in from Cleveland every weekend

-We’ve got jobs, lots of jobs for you, like at Nickelodeon and Milk Truck grilled cheese

-A fun new map determined you need to make over $20/hour to afford the median rent here

-Nerds score a big victory as the Brooklyn Historical Society announces a Free Fridays program

-Remember, always read an article before you get mad and hateshare it

-A food museum is opening in Williamsburg, which sounds about right

Actors provides all the fun of making fun of actors while people uh…act

-We love Third and Seven

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