21 people got really mad at the Times’ ‘Bindle Brothers’ joke

U mad?
U mad?

The New York Times Style section really reached a new low this week, credulously spilling ink on a pair of “Bindle Brothers” who sell “locally-grown, naturally-fallen, artisanal bindle bags” for hundreds of dollars. The nerve of these clowns who…oh wait…

At this point the reader might be thinking, handmade bindles? Are you serious?

No, not really.

The Bindle Brothers are in fact the creation of Kemp Baldwin, a 33-year-old comedy writer and director.

Funnier than the website or the skit itself, is that the story has taken Twitter by storm, leading to a hailstorm of angry reactions from people who didn’t bother to read to the 10th paragraph before sharing on Twitter, along with a message about how Brooklyn has to be burned down or whatever. Come, let us tour the various shades of furious anger people let loose on this hoax:

There was your “Not The Onion/Clickhole” crowd:




There was your “Burn down/shut down/end Brooklyn forever” anger:

There was some “Urgghhhh I HATE HIPSTERS,” of course:


There were some musings on the state of the planet/country/life and death


The Reporters Who Didn’t Read division had a strong showing:





All that being said, we’re sure in like 6 months this will go from New York Times joke to stunningly real, and we do not look forward to that day.

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